Posted by: Jace O'Mallan | January 5, 2010

Corporate Diversity: Good thing or bad thing?

With diversity becoming a generally accepted idea in many big companies and corporations, it is no wonder that more and more companies are recognizing diversity as an advantage in the workplace. But how do companies figure out when too much diversity is a bad thing in the workplace? It’s only a matter of time until corporations consider workplace diversity as something as common as coffee and donuts in the morning.

For decades, many companies in America have grown to accept cultural diversity as an advantage for their organization. By integrating employees from culturally diverse backgrounds, companies have been experiencing a much stronger foundation in their workplace. It is important that companies understand diversity as an integral part in having successful products and increased volume of sales. This is mostly true for companies that do business globally since they interact with clients of different cultures on a daily basis. 

Overall, workplace diversity is great for companies to succeed, but if it not integrated and structured properly, it can backfire and cause problems for many companies. The bottom-line is that companies must integrate diversity into their systems, processes, and most importantly their organizational culture.

With increases in productivity and creativity, new attitudes and processes, and an array of languages, it is no wonder more and businesses are integrating cultural diversity into their organizations.



  1. I completely agree with diversity not only in the workplace, but in our schools, country, and life as well. I think this is a great topic because currently in the U.S. we are seeing a substantially rapid growth of immigrants to our country. Diversity not only adds to our foundation as a country, workplace, etc. but offers different worldviews, mindsets, and a different way of thinking.

    • Thanks for your input and thoughts Scott. I am in agreement with everything you said.

  2. Nice blog on diversity. Diversity brings new perspective and tends to enrich life in general.
    Companies need to harness the power of diversity to be successful in this century.

    • Thanks Deepak, I’m glad you are on the same page as me when dealing with diversity in the workplace.

  3. […] can relate to my previous posts about ethics, diversity, honesty, attitude, and culture as well. Each and every on of these characteristics are important […]

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